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Paper Thin occupancy Kit (Tyvek)

£4.79 per week / £20.75 per month by direct debit
This product is not eligible for VAT relief

A paper thin bed sensor mat, suitable for use with pressure care mattresses and transmitter, that will send an alert if the someone gets out of bed and/or opens a door.


"The Tyvek Paper Thin Occupancy Kit contains a paper thin sensor mat, that is suitable for use on pressure care mattresses and a transmitter with door sensor magnet that will send an alert to the Novo Carephone IP/GSM Home Unit if the user has got up from the bed or a door has been opened. The sensor mat is placed underneath the bed sheet, secured to the mattress with adhesive tape and can be cut to size if required. The transmitter that is connected to the sensor mat can be mounted to a doorframe and the door sensor contact to the door to also send an alert if the door has been opened. An activation time can be set so that the transmitter will only send an alert between a certain time at night, to a certain time in the morning. (Times can be tailored to suit the user.) This item must be used with a Novo Carephone IP/GSM Home Unit."


Sensor Mat • Length: 870mm (34¼”) • Width: 150mm (6”) •Weight: 50g Door Transmitter • Height: 85mm (3½”) • Width: 34mm (1½”) • Depth: 24mm (1”) • Range: Up to 200 metres Magnet • Height: 50mm (2”) • Width: 10mm (½”) • Depth: 8mm (½”)