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Gas detector (Carbon monoxide wireless)

£2.56 per week / £11.08 per month by direct debit
This product is not eligible for VAT relief

A sensor for raising an alert and audible alarm sound if dangerous CO emissions have been detected


"The Gas detector will sound an alarm in the home and raise an alert to the Novo Carephone IP/GSM Home Unit when abnormal levels of carbon monoxide emissions have been detected due to a blocked flue or fault in a fuel burning appliance. The detector needs to be in the same room, between 1 - 3 metres away from the appliance being monitored and is mounted on the ceiling or above door/window height on a wall."


"• Length: 135mm (5¼”) • Width: 105mm (4”) • Depth: 42mm (1½”) • Alarm Volume: 85dB • Range: Up to 200 metres"