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How can telecare help your loved-ones

Telecare provides peace of mind, reassurance and increases confidence that someone is there for your loved-one at the touch of a button.

Caring for a loved-one can be difficult especially if they want greater independence. Yet you're worried about them living on their own.

Telecare can help both of you. It gives your loved-one the benefits of being able to contact someone immediately should they need help but without feeling their independence is being taken away. And it offers you reassurance that help is at hand should anything happen.

Our monitoring centre is available 24 hours a day so your loved-one can call for help or reassurance at any time.

With the additional reassurance provided by telecare for you and your loved-one, you can spend better quality time with them and have more time to enjoy the things you both like to do.

You can choose from a range of options which will alert the monitoring centre

  • If your family member has fallen
  • If your family member hasn't returned to your bed or chair
  • If your family member has gone out and left the door open
  • Telecare can help if your loved-one wants to go out in the garden or get out and about

If you or other family members don’t live close enough to be able to respond to a call from our monitoring centre, so you can choose to add our responder service onto your loved-ones telecare care package. This means there is always someone available to come to you, should you need it.

If you would like to talk to someone about the best options for you and your loved-one then please call our advice line on 01903 948200 option 1

We can come and fit suitable telecare products at a convenient time. We'll make sure you're both happy and confident about using them before we leave. You can always call us if you have any more questions.

Once a year we'll come and service the equipment we’ve fitted, you can contact us at any time if you have any concerns.

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01903 948200

Many of our customers also choose a key safe - this is a strong metal box in which you can securely store the key to your door. Your keys can only be accessed by knowing a combination code, this can be provided to the monitoring centre. So, if you ask for someone to come to your aid they can access your property more quickly. A key safe can be purchased from:

Find a keysafe

PLEASE NOTE: Our engineers are not able to install key safes