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 What is Technology Enabled Care?

Technology enabled care provides reassurance, peace of mind and increases confidence that someone is there for you, should you need it.

There is a wide range of equipment solutions to help people with all different needs. Many of these solutions allow you to alert our monitoring centre should you need help, for instance if you’ve fallen at home or become disorientated when out and about. Others help by providing reminders or help maintain contact with family and friends. Some products can even feed back to healthcare professionals about your vital signs and movements, to help build up a better picture of your daily life and let them know how they can help you best.

For those products which alert a monitoring centre, the person who takes your call can talk with you and work out the best action to take to help you. This may be contacting a friend, relative or carer or our responder service or if necessary, the emergency services.

Technology enabled care allows you to have your independence as well as being able to contact someone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 How do I get Technology Enabled Care?

You may be eligible for Technology Enabled Care funded by Buckinghamshire County Council on either a short-or long- term basis.

Your health and social care professional will refer you based on your needs.

If you are referred on a short-term basis your Technology Enabled Care Service will be funded by Buckinghamshire County Council and the NHS for six weeks. During this time, NRS Healthcare will contact you to explain how to keep the service after the six-week period.

If you are referred on a long-term basis your Technology Enabled Care Service will be funded for a longer period.

If you are not referred for a funded service, you can still access technology enabled care through our website at or by calling 01903 948200.

We offer many different solutions to various needs and have trained Technology Enabled Care specialists who can answer any questions you may have or advise on the best products for you.

You can also choose to have a responder service, so if you don’t have family and friends living close, who could come if you contacted our monitoring centre for help, a local responder will come out to you.

 How does the responder service work?

If you press your alarm and need assistance, the operator at our monitoring centre will assess and discuss with you whether you need the emergency services. If not, and you have a named family and friends carer, then the operator will call them. It may be that there is no one who lives close enough or your friends and family carers would not be able to come to you at short notice. If this is the case, then you might select to have our responder service (if you are a private pay client). If Buckinghamshire County Council funds your service, this will have been selected for you automatically.

Our responder service is delivered by friendly staff from a company called BDS. If you need assistance, the operator will contact the responder on call who will aim to be with you within 1 hour. The responder who attends will be first aid trained and will liaise with the monitoring centre, your family and friends, carers (if appropriate) and if necessary, the emergency services. They will stay with you as long as necessary. If you have fallen and are not hurt, the responder team may be able to get you back on your feet.

 If I’m referred to NRS Healthcare by my health and social care professional, what will happen next?

We (NRS Healthcare), will contact you within 2 working days for a standard referral or the same/next day if it’s an urgent referral. Your health and social care professional will let you know whether it’s a standard or urgent referral.

 What are your working hours and days?

Our Technology Enabled Care Teams’ working hours are Monday – Friday between 8am and 6pm.

 Once my equipment has been installed, if there is a problem will you repair it?

Yes, as the monthly charge you pay, is a hire charge – we still own the equipment and so we’re responsible for maintaining it.

When the technician comes to install your equipment, they’ll leave you details of what they’ve installed and will make sure you’re happy with how it all works.

If you do have any questions or concerns about your equipment please call our Technology Enabled Care Team on 01903 948200 or you can email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Do I need to test my equipment?

Yes, you will need to test your equipment.

The technician who installs it will explain the process and they’ll leave a leaflet with details in too.

 What happens if my needs change and I need different equipment?

If your needs change or you just want a review of your equipment, please contact our TECS team on 01903 948200 to discuss your situation.

 What kinds of equipment might be installed?

The equipment we offer you will be supplied to meet your specific needs. In partnership with Buckinghamshire County Council and the NHS we have chosen to supply market-leading digital technology which allows a faster and clearer connection to the monitoring centre, this can be vital in emergency situations.

Frequently asked questions about pendants

 Is my pendant waterproof?

Yes, it can be worn in the shower or in the bath for up to 30 minutes.

 Can I wear my pendant in bed?

Yes you can, however it’s not advisable if an easy-to-press button has been fitted. In this case we recommend keeping it by your bedside.

 What if an ambulance is called and I can’t let them in?

A key safe is a simple, secure way to provide reliable access to your home any time of the day or night every day of the year. If you have one, it has been attached discreetly to an outside wall of your home. We will give the code you have chosen to the ambulance crew to access a key.

 What if the operator doesn’t hear me because I am too far away?

The operator will phone you first to see if they can get a response before contacting your key holder or responder.

 Will my pendant work in the garden?

Yes, it should work up to 50 metres from your alarm unit, when it’s installed the engineer will carry out a range test which will show you the furthest point that it will work.

 What if I press my alarm by mistake?

This happens all the time and isn’t a problem. Just tell the operator that you pressed the pendant by mistake.

Frequently asked questions about GPS/location devices for use outdoors

 I have a GPS/location device for use outdoors, who do I call to discuss any concerns I may have?

If you have any concerns about your equipment or how it works please call us.

Frequently asked questions about lifelines

 Will my lifeline automatically tell you if there is a problem with it?

Yes, it should do, but just in case, if you have any concerns please call us on 01903 948200.

 Will my lifeline stop working if there is a power cut?

No, your lifeline has a battery back-up which can last for up to two weeks.

 How does my lifeline work ifit's not plugged into my telephone line?

Your lifeline works on the mobile network. It automatically looks for the strongest signal and will alert you if the signal strength drops. The technician who comes to install your equipment will make sure that there is a good enough signal strength for your equipment.

 Will my personal alarm interfere with my broadband?

The technician will test this when they come to install your equipment. They'll fit it as far away as possible from any other device to minimise any possible interference.

 Why does my smoke detector keep chirping?

To indicate that a new battery is required. The battery will continue to work for some time but please call us to arrange to change the batteries as soon as possible.

The equipment supplied to you has been supplied to help meet your specific needs. In partnership with Buckinghamshire County Council and the NHS we have chosen to supply market-leading digital technology which allows a faster and clearer connection to the monitoring centre, this can be vital in emergency situations.